Radio is effective communication media,That's why,it is necessary for our generation and society.Thus,the youth team decide to operate a FM station then Radio Masti is borned. Radio Masti 87.9 MHz has been broadcasting the programs as per the interest of the people since its establishment. This station has been highly acclaimed for its entertaining programs and is popularly known as the musical station of this region. However, we have also been launching the programs with the motive of creating public awareness. We cater the best programs of various nature with the view to approach the listeners of all ages with different taste and interest. We would like to recommend the aforementioned programs for the promotion of your business.

In addition, we would like to take pleasure in informing you about the details of our state of the art technology and the quality we serve including the coverage of the station. The coverage area of Radio Masti. is Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur , Kavre and nearest other seven district